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Bidar is full of history- every village and town being replete with monuments, legends, stories of valor, romance of beautiful princesses, long forgotten battles, feuding military adventurers and even of social reform movements that shook the very foundation and structure of medieval Hinduism.

Bidar also called as Crown of Karnataka is a city with great historic past located on Deccan Plateau of North Eastern Karnataka. Bidar is about 120 km from Andhra Pradesh’s capital Hyderabad , it was part of Hyderabad State until 1956. Famous for its handicrafts Bidar was known as Mohammadabad in olden times. Bidar holds historic importance and is a prominent historical city comprising of numerous monuments of ancient times of Bahmani era. Famous for Bidar Fort it is one of the largest forts in India.

State Karnataka
District Bidar
Area 43 km
Population 170,204
Official Language Kannada
Pin Code 585 401
Phone Code 91 8482
Nearest Railway Bidar Railway Station 2.4 Km
Nearest Airport Hyderabad Airport 150 Km Away
Climate Summer: 38. 8-25.9 C

Winter: 27.3 – 16.4 C

Best Season September – February

Historic Importance

Bidar in historical times of 3rd century BC was part of the great Mauryan Empire. Mauryan Empire Ruled the Bidar Rigion for long time after the downfall of Mauryans Satavahanas, Kadambas and Chalukyas of Badami and later Rashtrakutas ruled the Bidar Territory. Devgiri and Kakatiyas of Warangal also ruled here after the Chalukyans .

Later the Complete Deccan was under Allauddin Khilji and Muhammed-bin-Tughluq of Delhi . During the 14th Century the Officers of Sultan rebelled and resulted in the establishment of Bahamani Dynasty in 1347 A.D. at Gulbarga. Bahamnis and Vijaynagar Kingdom fought on the regular basis for Bidar . Bidar later became the capital of Bahamanis during 1429 A.D . During the reign of Ahmad Shah Wali Bahamani over the Bidar , the region saw development and the fort present here was rebuilt . Later in mid 17th century Aurangzeb conquered the Deccan as well as Bidar and it became part of Mughal Empire. Asaf Jah, A Mughal general, was appointed as the subedar of the Deccan in 1713 A.D. The Hyderabad state ruled by this dynasty included Bidar area also and its rule continued up to 1948.

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Places to See In Bidar

  • Bidar Fort– Bidar Fort is the prime attraction of Bidar built by Ahmad Shah Bahmani between 1426 and 1432 A.D. The fort have quadrangular layout with fort walls measuring 4,500 yards. Fort glorifies the beautiful architectural style of Persian style. The fort is surrounded by three miles of walls with 37 bastions. There are seven gates in the fort. Bidar was under Persian influence in during fifteenth and sixteenth centuries due to which the fort shows the excellent Persian architecture.
  • Tarkash Mahal– This place was built by the Turkish Wife of the King of Bidar. The Mahala exposes the unique stucco work. There are many rooms in the mahal which depicts that the sultan has many wife’s that belong to different nationalities.
  • Gagan Mahal – The original Mahal was built by Bahamani kings on which later some modifications were done by Barid Shahi rulers . The mahal have two courtyards which was used by Sultan and the Guards.
  • Bahamani Tombs – The sultans who ruled in Bidar seems to be fond of constructing huge sepulchers . You will find 12 tombs at a place in row together in the fort. All the tombs are beautiful carved of which Ahamad Shah-al-Wali tomb is the most famous one. The walls f this tonb have excellent painting and a Hindu swastika symbol has been used in this mausoleum for ornamentation.
  • Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple- The temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha incarnation of Lord Vishnu who killed the demon king Hiranyakashyap. It is located in the cave and devotee have to walk through a canal of 1,37 meters deep and 91 meters long to reach to the end of the cave where a rough carved image of Lord is carved in the stone wall.
  • Chaubara– It is a 22 meters long tower at the center of Bidar city which was used as a watch tower.
  • Chaukhandi– An octaganol monument , it is the tomb of Khalil-Ullah who was the preceptor of Ahmad Shah. It has a great architecture.
  • Nanak Jhira Sahib– It is one of the main attraction of the Bidar and holiest places for Sikhs . Gurudwara Jhira Sahib is famous for spring and the sarovar . It is believed that Guru Nanak the Lord of Sikhs visited this place and his miracle made the spring of water from the laterite rock .
  • Madarsa of Mahmud Gawan– It was the residential university during the reign of the Sultan of Bidar and was renowned center of learning. The three storied building was founded by Gawan. It is of great historical importance and is spacious building housing a Mosque, A library, lecturer halls and quarters for scholars and students.
  • Solah Khamb Mosque– It is one of the oldest and biggest mosques of India built by Qubil Sultani when Prince Muhammad was viceroy. Also known as Zanana Masjid it has 16 pillars which gave its name Solah Khamb Mosque.
  • Papnas Temple– This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Bidar-Udgir Road. It is said that it is of Ramayana times and the shiva linga was installed by Lord Rama during his journey back after killing Demon King Ravana

Bidar Excursions

  • Basavakalyan – Located about 80 Km from Bidar it was the Capital of western Chalukyas. It is the birthplace of Lingayat reformist Basavanna, founder of Shaivite sect of Virashaivas.
  • Humnabad – Here is a temple dedicated to Lord Veerabhadreshwara . It is located about 52 km from Bidar . It attracts thousands of visitors and tourist and it is also famous for seven-day festival held in the month of January and February.

How To Reach Bidar

Bidar located in Bidar District of Karnataka is well connected via roads and railway network . NH9 and NH218 Connects the city with other cities of the state and other India.

By Air – Hyderabad Airport is the nearest airport to Bidar about 150 Km from here. Hyderabad Airoport is one of the major airports in India and it is visited regularly by various flights both domestic and International . From Airport You can easliy reach Bidar either by Booking private taxi or by various buses services from Hyderabad to Bidar.

By Train – Bidar can easily reached via Hyderabad which is about 120 Km from here . Hyderabad Station is one of the major station in South India attended my numerous small and majot trains from all over India. Andhra Pradesh Express , Dakshin Express , Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express , Humpi Express , Manmad Express and many other trains halt at Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh .

By Road– NH9 and NH218 connects city to other cities of Karnataka . Bidar is a famous archaeological tourist spot and is very well connected via road network to other part of the state and other Indian cities. Various bus services are there both from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh too.

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