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Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey is not just a name in the luxury rail tours in India, but a benchmark of opulent onboard venture offering a journey experience as no other. Standing as a unique piece of artwork, Deccan Odyssey India takes its guests into a journey to the royal days of the yore. Traversing through the hills, plains and beaches, Deccan Odyssey takes the travelers into a whirlwind tour to Maharashtra and presents to them the real spirit of the land in the most delicate manner. Deccan Odyssey India is the fruitful outcome of the joint venture of Indian Railway and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) that gave birth to the royal luxury train in India. The train derives its name from its journey route that covers the places located in the Deccan Plateau of India.

Description of Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey

All the 21 luxuriously appointed coaches of Deccan Odyssey are the jewels of a crown. Out of these 21 coaches, 11 are to accommodate guests and the rest are used for different purposes such as dining, lounge, conference car and health spa. Inspired by the imperial carts used by the Maharajas of the yore for traveling, each of the coaches is theme based that reflect different royal eras of Maharashtra ruled by diverse dynasties. The forgotten art of elegant travelling is certainly revived by this luxury train in India. Without disturbing the theme of the carts, the modern high-tech amenities are placed in a way that certainly bears witness to the graceful creativity of the designer. Intimately bound up with romance, adventure and style, each luxury rail tour with Deccan Odyssey is one of a lifetime experience that every voyager cherishes in a tour to Maharashtra. The juxtaposition of customary and contemporary outlook is presented beautifully through vintage cabins, gastronomic cuisines and lively onboard entertainment in each of the deluxe train journeys with Deccan Odyssey.

Facilities in Deccan Odyssey


All the cabins of Deccan Odyssey are fully equipped with facilities like air-conditioning, internet connectivity and personalized guest amenities that make sure that your journey would be a comfortable and memorable one. Moreover, the multi-cuisine restaurant, well stocked bar, high-tech conference cart and a spa & massage cabin onboard add on the colors of merriment to your entire jaunt.

It is the tender hospitality and international standard services of this luxury train tour that within less than a decade of its inception, Deccan Odyssey India successfully placed itself in the list of most fabulous luxury train tours in the world. If seeing believes, then Deccan Odyssey will surely make you believe the folklores of India and of Maharashtra where everything is perfect and dreamlike.Deccan Odyssey

Stations Cover by Deccan Odyssey


Deccan Odyssey India covers host of precisely chosen destinations that include Mumbai, Sindhudurg, Goa, Kolhapur, Daulatabad, Chandrapur, Ajanta Caves and Nasik. All these places are unique in the sense that each of them has a specialty of their own and thus every new day comes in a form of fresh surprise for the guests. By understanding the travel requirements of the guests, the destinations are chosen so that a complete picture of Maratha lifestyle, heritage and history can be presented to the travelers.

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