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Rajgir a place of Devotion for Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism is located about 15 km from the ruins of Nalanda University in Bihar . Rajgir basically means the abode of kings , it was once the capital of mighty Magadhan kingdom in historic times . Rajgir is famous for its attraction that are antique and of great historicist value , apart from that Rajgir not only attracts tourist due to to its structures and monuments but also due to devotion of people of India to several monuments related to their respective lords and God of that religion . Buddhist and Jain scriptures have mentioned the name of Rajgir and also in the travelogues famous traveler of China Huen Tsang during the reign of Mauryas and Guptas Kingdom. Vaibhara, Ratna, Saila, Sona, Udaya, Chhatha, and Vipula are the seven hills that surrounds the city of Rajgir.

State Bihar
District Nalanada
Population 41,619
Language Magadhi, bhojpuri, Hindi
Temprature 40 °C – 20 °C (Summers)28 °C – 6°C (Winters)
STD Code 06112
Season Time October to March
Nearest Railway Station Bakhtiarpur railway Station
Nearest Airport Patna Airport

Historic Importance

Rajgir as place have no traces of origin , although excavations in the city exposes that that it is older than 1000 BC . It was the capital of Magdha Kings till 5th century after that patliputra knwon as Patna today was the capital . Buddhist and Jain scriptures have name mentioned in them which give a series of place-names, but without geographical context. Gautama Buddha spent several months meditating, and preaching at Gridhra-kuta, (‘Hill of the Vultures’). He also delivered some of his famous sermons and converted King Bimbisara of Magadha and countless others to his religion . Lord Mahavira also stayed here for 14 years here in Rajgir and Nalanda .

Places to See in Rajgir

  • Gridhakuta – Also known as Vulture’s peak Lord Buddha here gave his sermons of second wheel of law every year during the rainy season, preached many inspiring sermons to his disciples. The Buddha Sangha of Japan has constructed a massive modern stupa, the Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda), on the top of the hill in commemoration. You can take rope way to reach at the peak or can climg 600 stairs to reach top of the hill.
  • Venuvana – A bamboo groove which is said to be gifted by King Bimbisara of Magdha to Gautam Buddha. It is a monastery that acted as a resting place for Lord Buddha .
  • Saptaparni Caves – Caves was used by King Jarasandh as a sitting room in ancient times. First Buddhist Council was held here and it is a center for various debates. Caves is also the source of the Rajgir Hot Water Springs that have curative properties and are sacred to the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.
  • Bimbisara’s jail – Here King Ajatshatru imprisoned his father King Bimbisara . It is a great archaeological site .
  • Ajatashatru’s Fort – Fort built by King Ajatshatru son of Bimbisara is one of the prime attraction of Rajgir . There is a stupa there called as Ajatshatru Stupa believed to be built by him only.
  • Amaravana or Jivaka’s Mango Garden– Jivaka was the prime physician of the Magdha Kingdom . It was here Lord Buddha was treated after he was wounded by his cousin Devdatta.
  • Maniar Matth – Maniar Math is a well on which a Jain temple is built , it depicts the great architecture influence of Gupta Periods. In Mahabharata there is a description of Mani Naga Residence , for it may alsi be believed that this place was an important place for Naga Worshipers as many of statues of Lord Shiva and Nagas have been found here.
  • Pippala Cave – Located in vaibhar Hills , Peppal the main disciple of Lord Buddha resided here. These caves are one of the oldest cave architecture in India.

Rajgir Excursions

  • Bodh Gaya – Bodhgaya is place where Gautama Buddha was Enlightened and where he preached his first sermons . It is the most pious place for Buddhist from all over the world.
  • Nalanda – Nalanda is located about 15 km from here . Nalanda was the famous university and center of Learning during ancient times . Nalanda University was the first university of that period that provided residence fro the students that came here for studying.
  • Kundalpur– Religious place for Jains as Lord Mahavira was born here.
  • Swarajpur – Baragaon – Here is a famous lake temple dedicated to the Lord Sun . It is located about 19 km from Rajgir .

How To Reach Rajgir

By Road – Rajgir is connected to Patna via Bakhtiarpur by rail and road. Bakhtiarpur lies midway between Patna and Mokameh. Road access is by NH 30A to Bakhtiarpur and NH 31 towards south to reach Bihar Sharif. From Mokameh NH 31 to Bihar Sharif. From there, NH 82 will leads to Rajgir. Rajgir is around 100 KM from both Patna and Mokameh. It is located in a green valley surrounded by rocky hills.

By Train – Rajgir is connected by well by train network . Bakhtiarpur railway Station is connected to Patna Railway Station. Shramjeevi Express runs direct from Rajgir to New Delhi .

By Air – Patna Airport and Gaya Airport are the nearest Airport to Rajgir

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