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Rameswaram Temple

Rameswaram Temple is a famous Hindu Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga and one of four major Chardham Site and also one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams. Temple is also known as Ramanathaswamy Temple which is located on the island of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu State of India . Rameshwaram is an island surrounded by Bay Of Bengal and one of the holiest places of India , it considered as pious and holy site for Shaivites, Vaishnavites and Smarthas. It is connected to mainland of Tamil Nadu via Indira Gandhi Road Bridge . As a Chardham site Rameshwaram is a place that must be visited by a Hindu in his lifetime. Rameshwaram temple has a longest corridor in the world of about 197 meters long that runs from east to west .

State Tamil Nadu
District Ramanathapuram
Language Tamil , English
Temprature 39 C(Summers)

19 C(Winters)

STD Code 04567
Season Time All Year
Nearest Railway Station Rameshwaram Station
Nearest Airport Madurai Airport

Historic Importance

According to the legends Lord Rama the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu after arrving from war with Demon King Ravana from Lanka prayed here to lord Shiva for washing away any sins if he might have done while in the war. For this Lord Rama wanted to have largest Lingam and fro this he asked Lord hanuman to get it from Mount Kailash . Since it took time meanwhile Sita wife of Lord Rama made a small Lingam which is present in the sanctum of the temple . Temple has two Lingams one that brought by Lord Hanuman and one made my Goddess Sita , both are placed in the sanctum. But the Lingam briught by Hanuman is worshipped first as directed by Lorde Rama and since than this instructions are still followed.

Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameshwaram Temple is a beautiful example of Architecture splendor of ancient times which has two Shiva Lingams in its main sanctum . Temple is surronded by high walls from all four sides of temple premisesmeasuring about 865 feet furlong from east to west and one furlongs of 657 feet from north to south. There are also huge towers called as Gopurams . There are massive sculptured pilliars along the famous magnificient corridors which is longest in the world and is about 197 meters long . Temple has been renovated and expanded since 12th century AD by different rulers .

It is believed that the pilgrims who want to take the darshan have to take bath in 22 theertha kundams or pools located within the premises of the temple .

Ramanathaswamy Temple Chardham – Rameshwaram is also a part of one of the most sacred yatra Chardham Yatra . Other Sites are Badrinath Temple at Badrinath in the North, Jagannath Temple at Puri in the East, Dwarakadheesh Temple at Dwarka in the West . These Four sites are located at the four corners of India and is considered as must visit sites for Hindu once in a lifetime.

Rameswaram Places to See

  • Agnitheertham – Agnitheertham is the seashore that is to the east of the temple about 100 meters away from the main entrance of the temple . The water is considered as sacred and is one of the main of 22 theertha kundams of which the pilgrimage have to take bath before having main idol darshans .
  • Gandamadana Parvatham – Located about 3 km from temple it is a hillock and the highest pont in the island . It offers great view of the entire Rameshwaram Island .
  • Satchi Hanuman Temple – It is located 3 Km from the temple on the way to Gandamadana Parvatham . It is where Lord Hanuman told Lord Rama about finding of Sita Lord Rama’s wife.
  • Badrakaliamman Temple – Here is a Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga about 2 km from Main temple.
  • JadaTheertham – It is about 3.5 km from Rameshwaram temple , it is believed that before estabilishing the Lingam he washed his hairs here inorder to get purified.
  • Villoondi Theertham – Located about 7 Km from the main temple.

Rameswaram Excusrions

  • Kothandaramaswamy Temple – A temple located about 12 km from Rameshwaram .
  • Dhanushkodi– It is located about 19 Km at the tip of the Island . It is about one km wide and 18 km long on the eastern end of Rameswaram island. It offers great scenic view and brid life .
  • Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge– Also knwon as Pamban Bridge it is located about 12 Km away . This bridge connects Rameshwaram island with the main land . Its the longest sea bridge in India about 2.2 Km long.

How to Reach Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameswaram Temple is located in the Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu . The Rameshwaram town is well connected via road with other cities of the state.

By AirwaysMadurai Airport is the Nearest Airport from Rameshwaram about 174 Km from here . Madurai Airport is connected to almost all the major cities of India via Airways.

By Train – Rameshwaram is very well linked with imprtant places of the state and other cities of India with railway network. The Indira Gandhi Bridge, which has a total stretch of 2 km, links up the Rameshwaram Island with the Mandapan mainland. From madurai passenger trains are available at regular intervals.

By Road – Rameshwaram is connected to all the important and major towns of Tamil Nadu . There are govt buses from various cities to this famous pilgrimage spot. Buses , private auots and cabs are also available , locala transport like Horse cart , autorikshaw are also there.

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